Why Neptune

Co-founder John Sims-Hilditch explains Neptune's approach to design, materials and service.



Using only the best materials is crucial in our mission to make furniture that will last for 100 years.  

Our philosophy is all about the right material for the right purpose. For instance, it’s solid oak where we showcase the beauty of natural timber, and hardwood plywood for lending our designs structural stability.  

Wherever possible, we use natural materials. They’re not only kind to the environment, but they also have a positive impact on wellbeing. You’ll never find any MDF or chipboard in our designs – these particle boards pose risks to the natural world and our health. 

We work with respected partners to bring you quality materials across our collection, from durable Harris Tweed to New Zealand sheepskins.


Our craftsmanship blends a traditional approach with modern engineering.  

Antique furniture is a natural inspiration for us – we want our furniture to last for 100 years and antiques have already done just that, so they inform both our making and design processes.  

We also pay close attention to nature in our design process. Whether we’re applying the beautiful patterns of natural light and shade to our lighting concepts or bringing the reassuring strength of oak to our timber furniture, the great outdoors is a constant source of inspiration for us.  

We embrace innovation, too, and make it our mission to stay abreast of developments in technology and engineering. We often create unique solutions to common challenges, such as our revolutionary wood finish – IsoGuard® – which provides robust protection without masking the timber’s natural beauty.  


Reputation is fundamental to our future as a company. Our cohesive approach to service extends from our Wiltshire head office, where designs are conceived, through to the drivers who put the finished pieces into your home.   

Our stores are an integral part of this service. Each one is designed like a functional home and every room is thoughtfully curated. This approach allows you to imagine the designs in your own home, from fitted cabinetry down to floor tiles. 

Your local store team can introduce you to our design services, too. From the original Kitchen Design Service to our Home Design and Colour Consultancy Services, we have expert designers on hand to guide you through any project. 


Our 100-year approach takes a stand against throwaway culture and transient trends in interior design. The timelessness of our designs and the materials and methods used to make them put longevity at the forefront of what we do.  

This starts with manufacture. Our world class team in Northern China carry out their work according to the same firm values and high standards as our teams based here in Wiltshire, all while exercising a deep respect for local customs and traditions.

Our Qingdao production house is powered by energy-efficient heat pumps and reuses and recycles as many by-products as possible.  

Wherever we can, we use British-based suppliers to lower our carbon footprint. Our partners include Marlborough Tiles, who are based close to our Wiltshire HQ, and Bristol Weaving Mill, which is also powered by 100% renewable energy. 

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