Classic English Chichester

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Classic English Chichester

What makes Chichester unique?

Neptune kitchens have lots in common. They’re all made from natural timber, they all have an eggshell-painted finish, and they’re all designed to be proper pieces of furniture in their own right. But, they’ve all got a handful of details that make them different to one another too…

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Painted interiors

Whereas the other collections feature oak details inside, Chichester’s interiors are entirely painted. It’s a style choice as much as it’s one that makes Chichester our most affordable collection.

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Velvet cutlery drawers

True to Chichester’s classic nature, open one of the cutlery drawers and you’ll notice they’re not just divided but also lined with velvet. This looks lovely, and also cushions your cutlery to stop scratches.

Chichester Kitchen Details_04 Ladder
Ladders and rails

For tall-ceilinged rooms, you can have a rail designed along a run of full-height cabinets that our oak, library-style ladder hooks on to, making reaching up to the very top of cabinetry a breeze.

Chichester Kitchen Details_06 Veg Drawer 2
Vegetable trays

Every collection has its own larder, and Chichester’s has three pull out vegetable trays in its bottom half (with a cavernous shelf space above) that have curved profiles to suit its traditional character.

Chichester’s colour options

Besides work surfaces, handles and cabinetry configurations, one of the ways you can make Chichester your own is through our custom paint service. Although it comes as standard in Shell with Shingle interiors, you can choose from any of the 28 hues in our core paint library (and any of the many more in our archive) to colour your cabinetry.

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The cabinets

Our designers are there to help you create the perfect cabinetry configuration for you, but so you can see all the different options at your fingertips, we’ve gathered all the base, wall, countertop and full height cabinets for Chichester together here.

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Real Neptune homes

Get extra design inspiration by having a look around some of the kitchens designed, lived in and loved by our customers.

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  • The Chichester laundry collection

    While each kitchen style includes options like full height cupboards for brooms and integrated washing machines, Chichester is the only one with an all singing laundry room collection. It’s full of multitasking cabinetry designed to make your life easier (and tidier).


    See our kitchens in store

    Our website is a good introduction to our kitchens, but nothing beats seeing them in person. You can explore all four of our collections in just about any of our stores (where rooting through cupboards and peering into drawers is very much encouraged), and you’ll also find that each one usually sits side-by-side with a dining area or perhaps even a laundry room to give you a real feel for how they’ll look in your own home.