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Your great outdoors

Garden furniture was where we started. We have over 21 years of understanding not just the best materials and the best making, but the best way to make it as part of the fabric of our homes. We treat outdoor spaces – be it a city balcony or sprawling lawn – as a secondary living room, as an extra dining room, and even as a bit of a kitchen. In spring and summer months especially, they’re the part of the home where you’ll find us most – cooking alfresco, eating every meal we can with the grass between our toes, lounging out on outdoor sofas and armchairs.

They deserve the same treatment and just as much respect as we give to our interiors.

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Most of our stores have a small selection of our garden designs on display during the summer months. Some of them are fortunate enough to have large gardens or pretty terraces, but even if outdoor space is limited, we’ll invite them inside to echo garden rooms and conservatories alike. After all, they look just as lovely indoors as they do out.

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