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Christmas City Townhouse_Christmas Tree
Ringing the changes: our take on decorating and wrapping this season

Ideas and inspiration for trimming the tree and wrapping gifts.

How to: make your own advent calendar

Advent calendars are special things. They’re that subtle something that means you can start to celeb...

Decorating your bedroom for winter

When it comes to decorating your home’s bedrooms come winter, it’s very often only children’s spaces...

Christmas Fireplace_Heddon Candlesticks & Coleridge Candles
How to decorate festively with soft metallics

Create a decorating scheme this Christmastime that’s both sophisticated and relaxed.

How to choose the perfect Christmas tree

What to consider when picking a Christmas tree when it comes to size, variety and real versus life-l...

Festive ways to decorate banisters

Stairs can be one of the most mesmerising places to put Christmas decorations – they’re a clear stat...

Xmas20_ Decorating
Tips and tricks for packing up Christmas

A handful of ideas we’ve gathered along the way to make it as easy as possible.

Neptune food, pearl barley and truffle arrancini
Winter pearl barley, wild mushroom and truffle arancini

With their hearty, risotto-like filling, crispy breadcrumb casing and couple of bites size, arancini...

Orange and clove Christmas Eve cookies

Lightly spiced and fragrant, these cookies are lovely any time over the Christmas season, but we’ll ...

How to make salt dough place cards and decorations

An easy craft made using household ingredients to decorate your Christmas Day table.

Christmas breakfast
Crafting tradition: the stories behind our favourite festive crafts

Delve into the intriguing histories of Christmas crafts, from gingerbread to paper decorations.

Chestnut, apricot and sourdough plant-based stuffing

A Christmas Day or Sunday lunch stuffing recipe for those following plant-based, vegetarian or vegan...

Bringing Christmas into the kitchen

Think beyond the purely practical in your kitchen this Christmas, with our tips on making the heart ...

Neptune food, beetroot cured salmon on rye-2
Christmas brunch: beetroot-cured smoked salmon with dill yoghurt and rye bread

Whether your morning starts with present opening, a much-deserved lie-in or a brisk walk with the do...

Neptune food,baked apple and hazelnut porridge
Christmas brunch: caramelised apple porridge with maple hazelnuts

The second in The Provenist’s trio of brunch recipes to elevate your Christmas morning fare: a comfo...

Neptune food, poached eggs and cashew hollandaise
Christmas brunch: poached eggs with cashew hollandaise, spinach and sourdough

The third in a trio of breakfast recipes created by the team at our café, The Provenist, to turn you...

Forget Me Not notebooks Stories 15
Homemade presents: fabric-covered notebooks

Bookbinder Emma Williams shares her tips for covering plain notebooks or journals with fabric to cre...

RECIPE 3 Orange and ginger madeleines
Orange and ginger madeleines

Delicate, festively-flavoured cakes to serve at teatime this December.

RECIPE 1 Smashed butternut, roasted garlic and pomegranate croutes
Smashed butternut, roasted garlic & pomegranate croutes

An easy to make recipe that’ll see you through festive get-togethers.

How to make paper pinwheel decorations

An easy, effective and satisfying paper craft to try your hand at this December.

Neptune food, mulled wine-2
Cardamom and maple mulled wine

Mulled wine is as essential to Christmas as mince pies – as much for the way the wine and spices, ge...

Xmas old fashioned cocktail 1
A Christmas ‘old fashioned’ cocktail recipe

As cocktails go, an old fashioned is about as classic as they come. Simple to make and deliciously a...

Spiced ginger, orange & apple warmer

An alternative to mulled wine (without the alcohol) for cold, crisp winter days.

How to decorate with winter greenery in your home

What’s in season now, how to use it in your home before and after Christmas, and when to choose life...

Why do we hang wreaths?

Ever wondered why we hang wreaths at Christmastime? Read on for a brief look at their long history.

Neptune food, mince pies, oat crumble
Mince pie tart with oat and nut crumble

A twist on the classic mince pie, elevating it from festive snack to the status of dessert with the ...

How to take Christmas decorating outside

Create a festive feeling as soon as you arrive home – whether you have a front garden or not.

The guest bedroom guide

A handful of ways to make a guest bedroom a welcoming retreat they won’t want to leave.

Arranging autumn & winter flowers

Stylist and author Marry Norden shares tips for arranging flowers and foliage in the colder months.

Mantle Styling Look 1_Shadows Darker
Three festive mantels

When we’re decorating our homes for Christmas, it’s almost always the tree that steals the show. The...

Neptune Christmas cake-1
Ginger & pecan fruit cake

A lighter, gluten-free and less sugary Christmas cake alternative made with the festive flavours of ...

Embracing late autumn and winter at home

How to dress your home for the season from November right through to Christmas. 

Firelighter stills
Homemade presents: natural firelighters

How to create your own wax firelighters scented with herbs and spices.

Christmas fig cocktails
A spiced fig & thyme winter cocktail

Is a celebration ever quite complete without something extra special for sipping on? A glass of wine...

Lino Printing
How to make your own lino-print Christmas cards

An easy step by step to creating your own homemade cards to send to friends and family this Christma...

The hardworking Christmas kitchen

With a little planning, your kitchen can be your biggest asset at Christmas.

Christmas in the country

After a decade in London, it’s Christmas in the country for journalist Jo Rodgers and her family thi...

Skye McAlpine
Skye McAlpine’s Pistachio Panettone cake

Food writer Skye McAlpine shares a recipe for Christmas Eve from her latest book, ‘A Table for Frien...

A Venetian Christmas Eve

Food writer Skye McAlpine shares her family traditions and favourite festive treats as she prepares ...

Christmas morning fireplace WEB
A stocking filled with fun

A tongue in cheek approach to putting together a grown-up Christmas stocking that’ll bring out their...