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Our paint colours: a natural, seasonal palette

Nature has always had a big influence on our style and nowhere more so than in our paint collection,...

March SS22 Content Shoot
Painting by light: how to choose colours to suit a room’s aspect

Our paint colour suggestions for north, south, east and west facing spaces.

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How to uplift your interiors with a touch of red

Undaunting ways to use this most powerful of colours at home and bring liveliness to your decorating...

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On Quince by Kassia St Clair

Author of The Secret Lives of Colour, Kassia St Clair, delves into the history behind our Quince pai...

Ways with Quince moodboard
Ways with Quince

Three palettes to help you bring our bright and fresh yellow-green Quince into your home.

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Colour scheming

Interior designer Emma Sims Hilditch shares nine colour schemes to suit the different rooms in the h...

Bespoke paint service details
A potted guide to painting

Paint’s one of the simplest and quickest ways to update your home – the right combination of shades ...

On Chestnut

The rich origins of chestnut – and other earthy browns. 

Ways with Clove

Three colour palette ideas with our newest shade, Clove, at their heart

AW20 moodboard Olive-2
Creating a palette with Olive

Four colour schemes for our Olive paint shade, from the bold to the understated.

Burnt Sienna & Salt Moodboard 01
Ways with Burnt Sienna

There’s so much creative fun to be had in putting together a colour scheme, but sometimes it can be ...

Ways to use Flax Blue in the kitchen

Soft shades of white and grey are amongst the most-loved colours to use in the kitchen. As are, at t...

2021-01-26 SS21 Eagle House4760
Introducing Burnt Sienna

This season’s new colour owes much to history yet feels refreshingly contemporary

Pantone Colour_Yellow & Grey Moodboard
On Pantone’s 2021 Colours of the Year

This year, as they have been doing since the first year of the new millennium, Pantone have selected...

Green: a social history

In 2019 visitors to the Chelsea Flower Show saw, alongside polished displays of sculptural grasses a...

Marley_Henley Painted Kitchen_03
Trend report: kitchen colours

When it comes to deciding what colour to paint your kitchen, chances are you’re going to fall into o...

Our paint palettes: making selection easy

Everyone’s had the experience at one time or another: thinking you’ve settled on a choice, only to s...

Saffron flowers 1
Thoughts on Saffron

Michelle Ogundehin, colour and design expert and former editor of Elle Decoration, explores the rich...

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Paint the spectrum: colour theory for your home

An easy and practical guide to using and combining colours in your home.

Understanding the colour wheel

Best friend of designers, the colour wheel is an essential starting point in decorating your home. A...

Hebden Chawton study desk accessories
Three moodboards to inspire autumn schemes

Throughout spring and summer, we spoke a lot of moodboards – how to use them and why to use them whe...

Caspar & Beswick with throw fire lit
Ways with Ink

Borderline-black shades of grey, abyss-deep blues and greens so dark that it’s only when the light h...