Craftsmanship, colour and curation: our spring 2023 story

Craftsmanship, colour and curation: our spring 2023 story

With every new season comes a new story. And fittingly, this one has storytelling at its centre. More precisely, it's about colour and curation, and how we use both to tell tales in our homes. Both are integral to what we do at Neptune too – particularly so with the launch of our new Colour Consultancy Service – and so it only made sense for us to frame our story for spring around them.

One of the greatest joys of interior decorating is that no two homes are ever the same. Our individual approaches to colours, patterns, and the stories we tell through our homes means that the opportunity for creativity is never ending.

In particular, the ways we use colour can say so much about us. The fresh greys and whites of a kitchen, the soothing sage greens of a bedroom, or the lively ochres of a dining room. A room’s decor articulates the environment we want to create and live in, as well as our own histories.

And for those still discovering their language, our new colour consultancy offers a professional helping hand to unlock the colour potential of a home. Using the enveloping richness of shades like Constable Green, the pale refinement of Salt, or the uplifting joy of our new shade Rhubarb, colour is the bedrock from which we weave our stories.

Layered upon this tonal base is how we edit our spaces to evolve the storytelling. How we curate our homes – taking time to select, organise, and care for the pieces we live with. For our surroundings benefit from our editing endeavours. A curated home feels both intriguing and restful. A place of tantalising personal history, and at the same time, an ordered space with a considered palette, where favourite pieces have room to breathe, and our colour choices speak volumes.

Discover the designs and stories that make up our new collection for Spring 2023

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