Care guides


Our garden collection is designed to look beautiful, stand up to the elements, and age gracefully. As with our interior collections, we have carefully selected the very best materials to craft our garden designs.  

Because of this, your garden furniture won’t require too much care and maintenance. As well as following the guidance below, we recommend sheltering your furniture with a breathable cover or bringing it indoors during bad weather or when it’s not in use.  


Visit the timber treatment section of our website to purchase any of the products mentioned below.  

Where we use timber in the garden, it’s usually solid teak. This tropical hardwood contains naturally-occurring oils that act as a preservative and deter insects. The timber gradually takes on a beautiful silvered patina over time, and small surface cracks will also appear as the wood ages.  

Like our interior oak furniture, teak pieces come protected with IsoGuard® (read more about IsoGuard in our Timber care guide.

Caring for exterior IsoGuard® 

For regularly cleaning your teak garden furniture, use the Exterior Wood Cleaner which comes in the Exterior Care Kit. This solution can be used for general upkeep or to remove dirt or stains.  

Use our Tannin Spot Remover to treat tannin marks. Tannin marks occur when damp metals or ceramics interact with timber, leaving behind a black mark. This could be caused by anything from a mug to a flower pot. Our spot remover lifts the stain from the surface, leaving the teak as good as new.   

The Exterior Care Kit contains the Exterior Wood Cleaner, Exterior Top Coat Oil, a scrubbing pad and a microfibre e-cloth. The Topcoat Oil is for refreshing the IsoGuard® finish – see below.  

Reapplying exterior IsoGuard®  

The IsoGuard finish on your teak garden furniture is designed to last, and may not ever need refreshing. However, furniture that sees a lot of use may start to wear over time. We’d then recommend refreshing the finish every couple of years, or as and when wear and tear occurs. IsoGuard® Topcoat Oil in each of our exterior finishes is supplied in the IsoGuard® Exterior Care Kit.  

 How to apply:  

  1. Lightly sand the piece all over using medium grit sandpaper.  
  2. Remove dirt and debris with a damp cloth or use our Exterior Wood Cleaner.  
  3. Dip a scrubbing pad into the oil and rub it into the wood grain in all directions.  
  4. Finish by rubbing the oil in the direction of the grain.  
  5. Leave the oil to seep in for 5-10 minutes.  
  6. Wipe the excess oil off using a clean microfibre cloth.  

To note: IsoGuard® oils are potentially flammable, so place used cloths and pads in water straight after use before disposing of them.   


We developed our all-weather wicker garden furniture to give you the look and feel of natural rattan, but with far higher resilience against the elements.  

The resin fibres are woven around powder-coated aluminum frames for designs that are strong, lightweight and rust-resistant.  

To clean our all-weather wicker designs, simply brush regularly with a soft-bristle brush and hose down from a distance to remove grime and debris. For concentrated dirt, use a soft sponge with warm soapy water before rinsing.  


Many of our garden tables feature stone tabletops. Immensely strong and naturally beautiful, stone is a natural choice for outdoor designs.  

Granite & marble  

Our granite and marble surfaces come pre-sealed to protect them. These natural stones are still porous, however, so it’s important to dry up spills as soon as possible and keep furniture covered during bad weather.  

For everyday cleaning, simply clean with a damp cloth followed by a dry one. Avoid standard cleaning products as they could damage the finish. For a deeper clean, use specialist products from stonecare4u

Over time, the marble or granite will require resealing. You’ll know it’s time to reseal when water seeps into the stone rather than pooling on top. Again, we recommend using sealants from stonecare4u.  

Stone blends  

Our Hove collection features composite concrete tabletops. These are sealed with wax and acrylic, affording them protection from stains and fading in the sun.  

For everyday cleaning, simply wash with warm soapy water and avoid any abrasive cleaning products that could damage the finish.  

Metal and glass  

We use metals like steel and aluminum in the garden for their durable and malleable properties. They will always be galvanised and powder-coated, making them heat, water, and rust-resistant. For everyday cleaning, dust with a dry e-cloth or use one with mild soapy water to remove a mark. You can also jet wash our metal furniture from a one metre distance on a wide spray setting for a deeper clean.  

Never use abrasive cleaning products as these could damage the protective finish and cause rust to set in. Should your furniture start to rust, sand the area as soon as possible using 320-450 grit sandpaper and repaint it with metal paint.  

Where we use glass in the garden, such as on tabletops, it will always be toughened glass for safety and resilience. Use a dry e-cloth to dust glass surfaces and warm soapy water to remove dirt or watermarks. Again, avoid any abrasive products.   



All our outdoor cushions and parasol canopies are made from weather-resistant polyester. This means they can cope with showers, but you will still need to bring them inside during very bad weather or when not in use for a prolonged period.  

All our cushions feature removeable covers. Most can be machine-washed at 30°, but some require spot cleaning or professional cleaning only; be sure to check the care label on your design. Do not tumble dry.  

Parasol canopies can be spot-cleaned using mild soapy water and a damp e-cloth.