Care guides

Metal & glass

Many of our designs feature metal, whether that’s steel, aluminum, or brass, in a range of finishes. Glass is also prominent throughout our collection, particularly in cabinetry and lighting. We use toughened glass where resilience and stability are paramount, and hand blown glass where the design has a more artisanal feel.

Caring for metal

The most important consideration with metals is taking care not to use any abrasive cleaning products, as these can damage the finish and cause more problems in the long term.  

Instead, use a dry microfibre e-cloth for regular dusting or dampen one with mild soapy water to remove a mark.  

When cleaning metal lighting, ensure the electricity is turned off beforehand and keep water away from bulbs and wires.  

Caring for glass

To keep both toughened and artisanal glass clean and clear, follow the same steps we’ve recommended for metal. A dry e-cloth for dusting and a damp one for cleaning will keep the glass looking its best. Avoid acidic cleaners and specialist glass cleaners.  

Bear in mind our artisanal glass is hand or mouth blown, which means every piece is unique. You may spot the odd air bubble or other irregularity in the glass, which is to be expected and part of the material’s charm. 

Metal and glass in the garden

Because they're exposed to the elements, our garden designs present a different set of care requirements. Visit our garden care guide to find out how to care for metal and glass in an outdoor setting.