Traditionally made, timeless timber kitchens

Traditionally made, timeless timber kitchens

The collections

There are just four styles of cabinetry in our collection, because those are the four that we believe will truly stand the test of time and that also mean there’s something for everyone, from traditional Chichester through to contemporary Limehouse. From there, you can then bring your own personality with paint colours, work surfaces and handles.

Hogan-Duvall_The Granary_Chichester Kitchen_11

The design that’s most traditional in character. The moulding on the cabinet fronts is what makes Chichester feel more detailed and decorative (though not fussy) compared to Suffolk and Henley.


If you love the simplicity of Shaker kitchens, then Suffolk’s less-is-more principles might appeal to you most of all. It’s crisp, clean, minimal and calm with inherent Shaker practicality behind its cabinet doors.

Marley_Henley Painted Kitchen_03

Sitting somewhere between Suffolk and Chichester, Henley’s capable of traditional or contemporary, detailed or minimal, or a bit of both. It’s also the only kitchen with oak as well as painted cabinetry.


Contemporary through and through, but without letting go of traditional materials and joinery, that’s Limehouse. Our sleekest kitchen it might be, but it still has a tactile, painted finish and interior oak details.


All four of our kitchen collections can be designed with matching islands, but we know that some kitchens call for furniture that brings a different personality to the mix. Enter our freestanding islands.


The clever cabinetry in our Chichester laundry collection lets you combine form and function in equal measure. So much so that doing the washing (almost) becomes something to look forward to.


The bespoke workshop

If you’ve got an awkward nib or nook that you need to work around, if you need us to alter the dimensions of our cabinetry to make it work better for your space, or if you have an idea for something that’s not in our main collection, that’s where our Wiltshire-based bespoke workshop comes in. Just speak to your kitchen designer about creating made-to-measure pieces.

Marley_Henley Painted Kitchen_03

Real Neptune homes

Get extra design inspiration by having a look around some of the kitchens designed, lived in and loved by our customers.

Chris & her Chichester kitchen

A country green kitchen for a countryside home and a green-fingered couple…

Designs from £8,000

Every kitchen and every wish list is different – shapes vary, layouts differ and must-haves move about. But to give you a starting figure to work with, we say that the cabinetry in a Neptune kitchen starts at around £8,000.

And to help you visualise what that looks like, we asked our designers to get creative with their £8,000 cabinetry budget…


See our kitchens in store

Our website is a good introduction to our kitchens, but nothing beats seeing them in person. You can explore all four of our collections in just about any of our stores (where rooting through cupboards and peering into drawers is very much encouraged), and you’ll also find that each one usually sits side-by-side with a dining area or perhaps even a laundry room to give you a real feel for how they’ll look in your own home.

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Make it your own

Our collections are where your new kitchen begins, but how you choose to interpret them, blend them into your home, and put your own stamp on them is entirely up to you. No two people, no two homes and no two Neptune kitchens are ever quite the same.

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Handles & Hardware
Savernake_Chevron_Chalked Oak
Wall tiles & panelling
Chopping blocks & pot boards

Our little black book of brands

As part of our design service, we can help you pick all of your appliances too. Knowing where to start with dishwashers, ovens, fridges and freezers, washing machines (and so on) can be a minefield. But we have a pool of models and brands that we know and trust, to take that job off your plate, and design them into your Neptune kitchen.

Arrange a consultation

Ready to start designing? Your first appointment with your designer is absolutely free and can take place in-store or over video call. Simply fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you to sort a date and time that suits you.

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