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Pared-back and poised


This spring sees an update to Suffolk. Nothing too radical, but rather building on its strong foundations. We’ve pared it back even more so it’s minimal the whole way through – as Shaker designs should be. We’ve added a number of new cabinets and updated existing ones based on things we’ve learnt since it was first created. And we’ve updated its colour palette to make it a little less country, and more of a blank but beautiful canvas.

In a nutshell:
Clean-lined, quietly elegant

Tulipwood, plywood and oak

Standard colour:

Standard interior colour:
Silver Birch with oak features

Magnetic chrome

One kitchen. Countless different looks.

Design details

Bi-fold countertop

Behind these concertinaed doors are adjustable shelves and an open-base so you can use the worktop space for storing and using appliances.

Drawer accessories

The drawers in Suffolk will come totally empty so that you can choose which accessories you add in to make them as easy and lovely to use as possible, from oak spice rack inserts to a stainless steel-lined wet store.

Pre-lit cabinetry

Most of our Suffolk cabinetry has the option of having strips of LED lighting fitting inside so the contents are subtly illuminated and things easier to find.


This slim design is almost like a kitchen's console table in that it's unobtrusive and endlessly useful. It can be used on its own or at the end of a kitchen island and works as extra chopping space.

Double-door larder

Every Neptune kitchen features a larder, but no two are quite the same. Suffolk’s is the only one that comes in two-door form. It’s the very definition of cavernous...


Inside some of our cabinets, there are hidden inner drawers so that you can make the most of the cabinet's height and depth. In our trio of pan drawers, the uppermost has one that we like to use for extra utensils and parchment paper.

The perfect pairing

Happiness by design

What lies behind a Neptune kitchen

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The process

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Every one is unique and every one has a different design journey.

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The Suffolk collection

The cabinetry

Full Height
  • Suffolk Island Leg Pair
    Island Leg Pair £115
  • Suffolk 560mm Base Support Panel
    560mm Base Support Panel £115
  • Suffolk 600mm Dishwasher Fascia
    600mm Dishwasher Fascia £235
  • Suffolk 600mm Undercounter Fridge Fascia
    600mm Undercounter Fridge Fascia £240
  • Suffolk 725mm Appliance Doors
    725mm Appliance Doors £275
  • Suffolk 600mm Washing Machine Fascia
    600mm Washing Machine Fascia £275
  • Suffolk 190mm Open Towel Rack
    190mm Open Towel Rack £370
  • Suffolk 220mm Towel Rack
    220mm Towel Rack £405
  • Suffolk 190mm Single Wine Rack
    190mm Single Wine Rack £410
  • Suffolk 280mm Double Wine Rack
    280mm Double Wine Rack £470
  • Suffolk 990mm 2 Door 1 Drawer
    990mm 2 Door 1 Drawer £1,105
  • Suffolk 390mm 4 Drawer
    390mm 4 Drawer £915
  • Suffolk 140mm Chopping Block & Tray Base
    140mm Chopping Block & Tray Base £475
  • Suffolk 220mm Chopping Block & Tray Base
    220mm Chopping Block & Tray Base £585
  • Suffolk 690mm Undercounter Oven
    690mm Undercounter Oven £690
  • Suffolk 400mm Curved
    400mm Curved £710
  • Suffolk 420mm 1 Drawer 1 Door
    420mm 1 Drawer 1 Door £710
  • Suffolk 600mm 1 Door
    600mm 1 Door £785
  • Suffolk 520mm Single Bin
    520mm Single Bin £810
  • Suffolk 500mm Double Bin
    500mm Double Bin £820
  • Suffolk 560mm 1 Door 1 Drawer
    560mm 1 Door 1 Drawer £850
  • Suffolk 700mm Sink
    700mm Sink £860
  • Suffolk 900mm Sink
    900mm Sink £925
  • Suffolk 550mm Blind Corner
    550mm Blind Corner £1,030
  • Suffolk 1200mm Island End Potboard
    1200mm Island End Potboard £1,030
  • Suffolk 540mm 4 Drawer
    540mm 4 Drawer £1,085
  • Suffolk 1090mm 2 Door
    1090mm 2 Door £1,085
  • Suffolk 680mm 4 Drawer
    680mm 4 Drawer £1,285
  • Suffolk 350mm 1 Door
    350mm 1 Door £595
  • Suffolk 830mm Corner Carousel
    830mm Corner Carousel £1,420
  • Suffolk 920mm 4 Drawer
    920mm 4 Drawer £1,440
  • Suffolk 1350mm 7 Drawer
    1350mm 7 Drawer £2,655
  • Suffolk 450mm Dishwasher Fascia
    450mm Dishwasher Fascia £180
  • Suffolk 450mm 1 Door
    450mm 1 Door £445
  • Suffolk 750mm Open Rack
    750mm Open Rack £470
  • Suffolk 338mm Curved Wall
    338mm Curved Wall £545
  • Suffolk 450mm 1 Door Glazed
    450mm 1 Door Glazed £545
  • Suffolk 920mm Plate Rack
    920mm Plate Rack £575
  • Suffolk 1050mm Open Rack
    1050mm Open Rack £575
  • Suffolk 600mm 1 Door
    600mm 1 Door £615
  • Suffolk 390mm 45° Corner
    390mm 45° Corner £670
  • Suffolk 920mm 2 Door
    920mm 2 Door £720
  • Suffolk 920mm 2 Door Glazed
    920mm 2 Door Glazed £810
  • Suffolk 750mm Open Rack
    750mm Open Rack £700
  • Suffolk 500mm 1 Door
    500mm 1 Door £760
  • Suffolk 500mm 1 Door Glazed
    500mm 1 Door Glazed £775
  • Suffolk 920mm 2 Door
    920mm 2 Door £1,115
  • Suffolk 920mm 2 Door Glazed
    920mm 2 Door Glazed £1,165
  • Suffolk 920mm Bridge
    920mm Bridge £615
  • Suffolk 190mm Wine Rack
    190mm Wine Rack £690
  • Suffolk 690mm Fridge/Freezer
    690mm Fridge/Freezer £1,505
  • Suffolk 690mm Double Appliance
    690mm Double Appliance £1,715
  • Suffolk 400mm Curved Larder
    400mm Curved Larder £1,750
  • Suffolk Full Height Broom Cupboard
    Full Height Broom Cupboard £1,805
  • Suffolk 450mm Larder
    450mm Larder £1,835
  • Suffolk 690mm Single Appliance
    690mm Single Appliance £1,885
  • Suffolk 690mm Larder
    690mm Larder £2,355
  • Suffolk 1100mm Larder
    1100mm Larder £3,315
  • Suffolk 350mm Cooker Hood Side Cabinet
    350mm Cooker Hood Side Cabinet £530
  • Suffolk 1250mm Contemporary Cooker Hood
    1250mm Contemporary Cooker Hood £470
  • Suffolk 1900mm Cooker Hood
    1900mm Cooker Hood £750
  • Suffolk 2500mm Cooker Hood
    2500mm Cooker Hood £900
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