Our philosophy on lighting is that it should always mimic nature, and we’ve spent years perfecting that. From intelligent overhead and task lighting that create practical but pleasingly dappled tones during the day, to lamps and linen shades that diffuse and soften light in the evening.

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How to light a bathroom

Including everything you need to know about IP ratings, and how to make your own lighting plan.

  • Olney lamp Flax Blue small_P_007
    How to choose a lampshade
    Tips for selecting the shade that best suits your lamp, the room and how much light you need.
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  • A kitchen over time, 2
    How to layer light in your home
    How to achieve that perfect balance of a room that’s lit just right.
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    An expert’s eye on lighting

    A favourite subject amongst interior designers and writers alike, there’s a lot to say (and a lot…

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  • Bath store dining 2
    Lighting your dining room: an interior designer’s tips

    In a room where atmosphere is so important, how do you light your space? Read on for interior des…

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  • Old Rectory Cottages, case study 2
    Wall lights and why they work

    Lighting should always be looked at in layers. Ceilings lights alone will make a room too harsh, …

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